Healthy Kitchen

Xavier Pellicer

Xavier Pellicer is the chef’s personal project, with a curated style and capacity for 60 diners.

Pellicer offers his way of life to his diners. He believes that the hands of the people who work the land transmit positive energy to those who cook and that they transfer it to diners. The principle of the new Xavier Pellicer is the same that governed his residency at Can Fabes (Sant Celoni) during two different stages of his life: absolute respect towards the food with which he works.

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Xavier Pellicer Restaurant

The Menu

Pellicer's focus is on biodynamics, with organic, local and healthy products, in accordance with the gastronomic concept that he offers his diners: Healthy Kitchen, a balance between the pleasure of ingestion and the well-being of digestion

Xavier Pellicer Restaurant

Xavier Pellicer

  • 1999-2010

    Abac (** Michelin)

    Barcelona, Spain

  • 1988-1990

    Jacques Maximin (** Michelin)

    Nice, France

  • 1992-1999

    Can Fabes (*** Michelin)

    San Celoni (Barcelona), Spain

  • 1988-1990

    Le Diamant Rose (** Michelin)

    La Colle-sur-Loup,France

  • 1990-1992

    Le Carré des Feuillants (** Michelin)

    Paris, France

Xavier Pellicer Restaurant